Tactical Tech


Tactical Tech is a wargame in a science-fiction universe, with real-time strategy.

  • English
  • From 12 years old
  • 1 to 2h
  • 2 to 4 player(s)

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A war game set in a science fiction universe, Tactical Tech features 4 mineral cards (Iron, Silver, Gold, Uranium), modular tiles for unlimited board layouts, futuristic game pieces such as: fighters, shooters, mechas, portals, turrets, barricades, miners and upgrades. 
The game has the look and mechanics similar to a fast-paced, real-time strategy video game.
How to play:
You start with a Commander, a Fighter and a Miner. Start earning mineral cards, move units around the field, buy more units and structures. Build portals to quickly move units around the board. Then strategize to defeat the opposing players. You can also team up in a 2-on-2 match and share portals. There are also research upgrade cards and special cards to modulate the board.
Humanity has advanced dramatically since the industrial revolution in commercial space. With so many people living off Earth, a new calendar has been created: the Cosmic Almanac System, or "CAS". The current year is the 64th CAS. Legally, no government controls outer space, only special interest groups called Factions. These Factions are financed by governments and large technology companies. They have only one goal: to exploit the asteroids, by any means necessary....
The factions find abandoned mining facilities or build new ones on the asteroids. They mine the minerals and sell them to their investors on Earth to buy the latest technology. They buy technologies such as military-grade 3D printer blueprints, artificial intelligence, advanced weapons, nanotechnology, tactical suits and even teleportation.
Theme(s) Science Fiction
Language(s) English
Mechanism(s) Figurines
Editor Tektite Games

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