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The Day of Waterloo


The Day of Waterloo is a detailed look at the entire single day of the culminating battle of Napoléon’s invasion of Belgium in 1815.
  • English
  • From 14 years old
  • 2 to 3 player(s)

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The Day of Waterloo is a detailed look at the entire single day of the culminating battle of Napoléon’s invasion of Belgium in 1815.

The map shows the immediate area over which the resulting battle took place. The playing pieces represent the major combat units or leaders while markers are used to indicate conditions restricting or enhancing the performance of these pieces (such as casualties).Each player moves his pieces and engages his opponent’s pieces in combat seeking to achieve their victory conditions. A hex-grid has been used to define the spatial relationship between geographic points on the game map. Combat occurs between adjacent hexes occupied by game pieces of the opposing sides and is resolved using a die roll. Artillery has a range up to around 2000 meters (3 hexes). Each hexagon is roughly 700 meters across. A turn is about one hour of time. Each Strength Point (SP) is equal to roughly 1,000 men (infantry), 500 men and horses (cavalry), or one battery of guns (artillery).


  • 11′′ x 17′′ Game Map
  • Counter Sheet (with 250 die-cut game pieces)
  • This Rulebook
  • 1 Six-sided Die
  • 3 Player’s Aid Cards (PACs) of game charts, tables, and tracks (Terrain Effects Chart; Combat Results Table, Cavalry Charge Table, and Bombardment Table; Turn Record Track and Morale Track)
Theme(s) HistoryWar
Language(s) English
Mechanism(s) WargameConfrontation
Author(s) Ed Wimble
Editor Turning Point Simulations

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