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Formula D


Formula D is a high stakes Formula One type racing game where the players race simulated cars with the hope of crossing the finish line first.

  • French
  • From 10 years old
  • 30mn to 1h
  • 2 to 10 player(s)

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Formula D is a high stakes Formula One type racing game where the players race simulated cars with the hope of crossing the finish line first.

The game mechanisms are a simple race, get to the finish line first! However, players have to use a significant amount of planning, and rely on quite a bit of luck. Each player manages when to shift gears, with each gear providing a different speed. (For example, 4th gear is a die that rolls random numbers from 7 to 12 for spaces moved.) Each turn, players may move up one gear, stay in that gear, or move down gears. This forces players to match possible rolls with the optimum distance for that turn, and hopefully plan ahead. However, speed is not the only issue! Corners have a "stop" rule that requires players to stop once, twice, or three times on that corner in consecutive turns or face a penalty. This creates an effective speed limit to the corners. 

Of course, things do not always go as planned! Players take penalties if they miss their roll, bump into another car, are blocked by other cars, have to brake heavily, or have to downshift several gears. These are taken off of a car’s attributes (Tire health, Brake wear, Transmission Gears, Body, engine, and Suspension). Losing the maximum in any of these categories will result in elimination, or a severe setback for that car. This requires that players manage their car’s health, plan for their best path, and have good luck on their rolls. This high amount of luck gives the game its family appeal, and lets weaker players have a chance at winning once in a while.

However, the fun does not end with a single race! The rules include the ability to customize your cars, use a pre-generated character, add Slipstreaming (Drafting) rules and road debris, and change tire types to modify your distance rolls. There are also variations for a single lap race, or multiple laps with pit stops to repair some of your damage points. In addition, numerous expansion tracks can be purchased to vary the demands on each driver and car. Each track may also have weather effects (rain) that change car handling and die rolls due to skidding on wet track. This opens up the game for rally rules giving championship points over a number of races.

Formula D adds a few items that are not in the original Formula De: There is the added excitement of illegal racing in the streets of big cities - anything goes! This adds custom cars, nitro acceleration, drifting in the curves, dirty tricks, gun battles, and trash on the road to add more variation. A basic change is the use of a "Dashboard" with movable pegs to manage your car’s attributes instead of the paper forms from Formula De. There are also two sets of pre-painted cars; a Formula 1 set and the Street Race set of stock cars. The street cars come with "Character" profiles to give a bit of role-playing to the game. Finally, the old category of "Fuel" for the car has been renamed Transmission Wear to give a better thematic fit to the effect of multiple downshifting.

Language(s) French
Mechanism(s) RaceDice
Author(s) Laurent LavaurEric Randall
Artist Nicolas Caniaux, Stéphane Poinsot, Arnaud Simon-Laforet
Note globale 4.9
Editor Asmodée


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The Bloggers have given a rate of 5/5 on this product
  • This game was played and recommanded by ParadoxeTemporel, here its opinion:


    Asmodee nous offre de vivre une véritable course de Formule 1 ou de street race. Pour la seconde, les règles sont un peu différentes. Action et stratégie sont au programme car il va falloir bien calculer la vitesse à laquelle rouler afin d’optimiser les virages et de ne pas finir dans le décor. Un systeme trés simple à gérer et accessible à tous. Des circuits somptueux, de belles voitures et un système de jeu imaginatif, voilà de quoi passer d’excellentes parties. Des heures de jeu en perspective et si vous n’en avez pas assez, de nombreuses extensions représentant des grand prix prestigieux sont disponibles pour encore plus de parties!

This game is recommended by 33 of our Customers

The Customers have given a rate of 4.9/5 on this product
  • on 11/19/20 Verified purchase

    Les sensations de courses de voitures sur un (jeu de) plateau : gestion des dégâts, aspiration, usure pneu et changement de vitesse avec risque de casse moteur : testé à 3 joueurs, on s'est bien éclatés surtout dans les virages serrés : très fun avec des dés différents pour chaque vitesse, c'est parfois tendu jusqu'à la ligne d'arrivée (sauf pour les gros retardataires bien sûr ;-)
  • on 05/22/20 Verified purchase

    Depuis que Formula D est entré dans ma ludothèque, ma femme me regarde bizarrement faire les allers retours cuisine / salon / salle de bain en faisant des bruits de formule 1 en faisant semblant de tenir un volant.
  • on 05/31/19


    Très bon jeu de formule 1 qui peut séduire autant les grands que les plus petits. Indiqué à partir de 14 ans mais nous y avons joué avec deux enfants de 9 et 11 ans qui ont très bien assimilés les règles de "bases" du premier livret des règles du jeux. Très agréable à prendre en main avec les accessoires autour du plateau. Tout le monde peut gagner grâce aux lancés de dés mais surtout avec un peu de ruse lors des virages ! Nous sommes très satisfaits de cet achat.

  • on 03/30/19


    Un excellent jeu de courses automobiles qui va ravir les grands et les petits grace à ses deux niveaux de règles. Une règle de base pour les réunir tous et une règle avancée pour les vétérans qui en veulent toujours plus.

    L'existence de nombreux circuits disponibles pour varier les parties et en avant pour faire gagner son écurie de F1 ou de rallye.


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