SCOPE U-boot


Scope U-Boot is a dynamic 2-player card game of confrontation between German submarines and Allied convoys.

  • English
  • From 12 years old
  • less than 30mn
  • 2 player(s)

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Select the scenario, create the map grid and get into the action!

The Battle of the Atlantic pits the convoys that were vital to the Allied war effort in Europe against the wolf packs of Admiral Karl Dönitz. The result was thousands of sunken ships and millions of tons of material that would not be used during World War II, and hundreds of submarines sunk by the escorts.

In SCOPE U-boot, two players recreate the tension of the Battle of the Atlantic. The German player will attempt to sink the merchant ships passing through the area while conducting a deadly stealth dance with the escorts attempting to sink his submarines.

SCOPE U-boot is a stand-alone game from the SCOPE system, very different from its predecessor - the only similarities being the card grid that forms the board and the many strategic possibilities it offers!

In SCOPE Stalingrad, we were trying to guess where the rival sniper was, but in U-Boot, it's the German player who will be hidden beneath the surface and the Allied player will have to find him and avoid being sunk. Ships move on the surface, but freighters move more slowly.

The submarine indicates its position when it fires a torpedo, but be careful! As an ally, you will have to choose whether you prefer your freighters to dodge it or move your destroyer to the area where the torpedo is coming from and sink your opponent.

SCOPE U-boat offers many game modes, with different levels of complexity and duration.

Theme(s) HistoryWar
Language(s) English
Mechanism(s) ProgrammingConfrontationWargame
Author(s) Juan A. Nácher
Artist Matias Cazorla
Editor Draco Ideas

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