Adventure Games - A Travers la Brume


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With Adventure Games - Through the Mist, discover a new type of adventure game, both original and accessible, in the tradition of the best Point&Click video games. Your actions will have a direct influence on the course of the story.
  • French
  • From 12 years old
  • 2 to 3h
  • 1 to 4 player(s)

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Finally, you're back! Your first mission went well, and you are happy to be back in your village. But... nobody is there to welcome you! That's strange.... Where is everyone? And where does this strange fog come from? Worried about your loved ones, you decide to inspect the surroundings and go in search of the villagers. Follow the clues along the way and embark on a fantastic journey, but beware of the dangers! Can you solve the many mysteries that seem to surround the village since your arrival?

Experience an incredible adventure in an ultra compact format!

Adventure Games is a new series of games that combines the spirit of adventure books and point and click video games. In the Adventure Games series, the team of players moves from place to place by reading the paragraphs in the booklet and gradually forming a map using the game cards.
Each location discovered offers several outcomes, but also interesting objects. Each object can be used as is... but also combined with another to create a new tool and thus expand the possibilities of the game!
You'll have to use your ingenuity, but also your imagination, to uncover the dark workings of this mysterious laboratory.

A cooperative adventure to share... or to play solo!

From paragraph to paragraph, from map to map, players progress, unlocking situations and discovering new places and objects, allowing them more and more combinations. It is of course possible to save your game at any time to follow the adventure at your own pace and play according to your desires.

Each "Adventure Games" scenario is of course unique and full of exciting twists and turns. Invite players to discover a totally new exploration game with particularly ingenious mechanisms, for long hours of adventure and crafting that will titillate the imagination!

Theme(s) Fantastic
Language(s) French
Mechanism(s) Co-operative
Author(s) Matthew DunstanPhil Walker-HardingChihiro Mori
Artist Folko StreeseJohanna RupprechtSteven Crowe
Editor Iello

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