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World War Zed USA


World War Zed USA is a solitaire strategy game where you must fight an epidemic transforming the population into bloodthirsty creatures!

  • English
  • from 13 years
  • 1 to 2h
  • 1 player(s)

115,90 €


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World War Zed USA is a strategy gameThe United States has appointed you as the leader to fight an epidemic of "zombies" or similar - called "Zeds" in the game. You must manage population centers, farmland, refugees and the scientific and military response to the outbreak. Use the army, marines and national guard to fight the growing Zeds.

Available weapons against the proliferating zombies include air strikes, nuclear strikes, and biochemical attacks.

World War Zed USA is an original war game that will appeal to many wargamers looking to relax between more serious, historical simulations, but it may also be suitable for other players. Designed by David Kershaw (don't tread on me!, Albuera 1811, Vietnam Solitaire) with beautiful comic book-style illustrations by Jonathan Carnehl.

The game includes the following components:

  •         8-page rulebook
  •         a region and random events map
  •         43x28cm game map
  •         88 unit counters
  •         20 markers
  •         70 large markers
  •         A quick game card
  •         A book of scenarios and design notes in solitaire where you must fight an epidemic transforming the population into bloodthirsty creatures!
Theme(s) ZombiesWar
Language(s) English
Mechanism(s) SolitaireDiceWargame
Author(s) David Kershaw
Artist Jonathan Carnehl
Editor White Dog Games

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