In Hochspannung, it's all about getting rid of all your cards to win. You will have to discard a card that matches one of the two numbers in the result of a multiply.
  • German
  • From 10 years old
  • less than 30mn
  • 2 to 6 player(s)

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Try to get rid of the cards quickly in Hochspannung!

Divide the cards evenly among all the players, and then place one card face up to start the discard pile. Each player takes four cards from the deck in their hand and can draw more at any time - which may or may not be useful. Each card has a multiplication problem in its center, as well as two individual numbers in each corner. At the start of the game, each player races to complete the multiplication problem on the top card of the discard pile, for example 6x9, and then plays a card with a number in its corner that matches the first or second digit of the product, in this case 5 or 4.

This newly played card has its own multiplication problem, and someone will play a matching card, etc. Whoever plays all the cards from their hand and personal deck first wins.
Theme(s) Numbers
Language(s) German
Mechanism(s) Real TimeCardsCalculation
Author(s) Maureen Hiron
Artist Antje Stephan
Editor Amigo

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