Freelancer: Skies Over Tolindia


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"Skies Over Tolindia" is an industrial fantasy RPG where players take on the role of Freelancers - brave men and women who fight against espionage and corruption.

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Freelancer: Skies Over Tolindia is a fantasy RPG set during an industrial revolution.

Players take on the role of "Freelancers" (knights of the nation of Tolindia). Your primary goal is to serve the people above all else from threats both within and without. The political tension within Tolindia is reaching the breaking point. A mere thirty-four years into the Parliamentarian era, the divide between the old aristocracy and the commoners is turning volatile. Members of the aristocracy are beginning to talk about restoring the old ways by whatever means necessary, and whispers of civil war are beginning to spread among the populace. The newspapers are selling out daily as people are desperate to keep track of events, looking for any sign of danger. If nothing is done, the nation will descend into chaos and fire. And internal threats are far from the only concern of the Tolindian people.
The Freelancers have been tasked by the Royal Family to maintain the fragile stability of the nation. From their mobile airship bases, Freelancers are sent around the nation to root out corruption and prevent the outbreak of violence by any means. To keep the nation from falling into chaos, the Freelancers will have to pay for that peace with their sweat and blood.
Language(s) English
Author(s) Jacob HamptonBrian Moseley
Number of pages 348
Book cover Hardcover
Editor SafeHaven Games

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