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Selon moi, les meilleurs. Tout type de jeu confondu, tout nombre de joueurs, toute thématique, toute complexité, toute mécanique, etc. Ceux qui procurent des petits moments de plaisir ludique, qui sortent le plus facilement à chaque soirée et surtout qui font mouche à coup sûrs, quelques soient les joueurs autour de la table !

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  • Antiquity


     "These fields no longer yield grain the way they used to," complains the farmer. "We should settle new lands before our food runs out. Why don't we start farming olives, like our neighbours?".

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  • Puerto Rico


    In Puerto Rico players assume the roles of colonial governors on the island of Puerto Rico.

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  • Brass : Lancashire


    Brass: Lancashire — first published as Brass — is an economic strategy game that tells the story of competing cotton entrepreneurs in Lancashire during the industrial revolution.

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  • 4/8

    Age of Steam 3rd Edition

    Age of Steam 3rd Edition


    The third edition of the famous game now!   Rules in English

  • 5/8

    Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization


    Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization is the new edition of Through the Ages: A Story of Civilization, with many changes small and large to the game's cards over its three ages and extensive changes to how military works.

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  • 6/8

    Great Western Trail


    America in the 19th century: You are a rancher and repeatedly herd your cattle from Texas to Kansas City, where you send them off by train. This earns you money and victory points. Needless to say, each time you arrive in Kansas City, you want to have your most valuable cattle in tow.

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  • 7/8



    1289. Pour consolider les frontières du royaume de France, le roi Philippe Le Bel a décidé de faire construire un nouveau château. Pour l'instant,...

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  • 8/8

    Terra Mystica


    In the land of Terra Mystica dwell 14 different peoples in seven landscapes, and each group is bound to its own home environment, so to develop and grow, they must terraform neighboring landscapes into their home environments in competition with the other groups.

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