Mystery House


This house mysteriously moves through space and time, and no one knows its destination. Will you be brave enough to enter?
  • English
  • From 12 years old
  • 30mn to 1h
  • 1 to 5 player(s)

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Enter the Haunted Manor... if you dare!

This house moves mysteriously through space and time, and no one knows its destination. Will you be brave enough to enter? Dive into an immersive escape room experience, guided by an application in a 3D structure! Explore the mansion like a dungeon and experience unique adventures in a different environment with each adventure.

You have 60 minutes to explore the mansion, find essential items and hidden clues. Solve puzzles to access new rooms and get out in time. Will you be able to light up the darkness? You are trapped in this house, and the only way out is to solve all the puzzles you find inside! You must search for clues in the box, which has multiple doors on all sides. At the beginning of the game, you insert puzzle cards into the top of the box, and these cards will tell a story as they are revealed and solved during the game.

An application guides you through the game and records your team's progress and play time.

Mystery House: an application-assisted, evolving game. The game requires the Mystery House application, available for free on iOS and Android, to play. The basic game includes two adventures: "Family Portrait" and "Lord of the Labyrinth". All future extensions will use the same basic game box as the game system.
Theme(s) HorrorFantastic
Language(s) English
Mechanism(s) EnigmaEscape GameExploration
Author(s) Antonio Tinto
Artist Daniela GiubellinAllesandro Paviolo
Editor Cranio Creations


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