Dice Cup


Dice Cup is a dice game that is played in real time. Try to remember the values of the dice placed under a cup and try to win the most points.
  • Allemand, Anglais
  • From 8 years old
  • less than 30mn
  • 2 to 6 player(s)

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Roll the dice and be quick if you want to score the most points!

The game is played in 12 rounds in which the dice are rolled again each time. Everyone sees the same result but from a different angle. Each player always tries to find the best category to score in.

But beware:
Each category is only available once per game! So far, everything is simple, if only the dice didn't disappear so quickly under the cup... Who has memorized the best result in such a short time? And in which category would it have been easier to achieve?

Goal of the game

The player with the highest total score at the end wins the Dice Cup Challenge!


Put the dice in the cup. Each player gets a score sheet and a pen - and writes their name on the top right-hand line provided. Then choose a starting player and off you go!


The first player starts rolling the dice but everyone always plays simultaneously.

Each round consists of 8 steps:

  •         Put all the dice in the cup.
  •         Place your hand over the cup and shake it well.
  •         Turn the cup with the dice and tip it over onto the table so that all the dice are hidden under the cup.
  •         Lift the cup for about 3 seconds (to measure the time, slowly say the following slogan: "Lift the cup - eyes up"). The dice should be clearly visible to everyone for the same amount of time.
  •         Then the cup is carefully placed back on the dice so that they are not accidentally turned over.
  •         Now each player places a cross in the small circle of the box in the category they want to value. You can use your hand as a screen. Once the cross is placed, it cannot be changed.
  •         When everyone is ready, the player lifts the cup again and sets it aside so that the result of the die is again visible to all players.
  •         Now each player evaluates his or her result and writes the points in the corresponding field. Pass the cup clockwise. The next round begins. Important: Sometimes the dice overlap. In this case, the dice must be rolled again immediately!
End of the game

The game ends after 12 rounds. In the last round, the cup can be set aside after the third game stage and the last scoring (for the last individual category) is done immediately. Then each player adds up the points of the three games on his score sheet, transmits the sum in the fields provided and calculates the total amount.
The player with the highest total amount wins the Dice Cup Challenge!
Theme(s) Abstract
Language(s) Allemand, Anglais
Mechanism(s) DiceReal TimeMemory
Author(s) Torsten Marold Christoph Cantzler
Artist Johann Rüttinger
Editor Drei Hasen in der Abendsonne

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