Bremen is a cooperative game in which you have to stack the animals correctly thanks to the folds you will win.

  • English, Japanese
  • From 8 years old
  • less than 30mn
  • 1 to 4 player(s)

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In Bremen, players participate in a cooperative game of turn taking. The game uses "training cards to follow," a type of 52-card deck where the color of each card is visible on the back.

In the 4-player game, each player receives 13 cards, but players will only play 12 tricks. The game follows the traditional principle of drawing tricks, where players must follow the suit, and the highest card of the trump suit wins, otherwise the highest card of the lead suit. In this game, spades is always the trump suit.

Players win the game if, after 12 tricks, one of them has won 6 tricks, another 4, another 2 and the last 0. In addition, the cards remaining in the players' hands must all be of a different suit. The players get a score based on the difference in rank of the card remaining in the hands of the players who won 6 and 0 tricks.

The game includes variants for 1, 2 and 3 players.

Theme(s) Animals
Language(s) JapaneseEnglish
Mechanism(s) Cards
Author(s) S. Ando
Editor Uchibacoya

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